In 2009, the Local Authority's Learning and Children's Services, now achieving for Children (AFC) commissioned WelCare to further develop the Families Apart Project and the support offered in Kingston to families who are impacted by a parent or significant family member in prison. The Families Apart project offers support and advice to local families and their children who may be struggling with a variety of issues as a result of a member of the family being imprisoned. 

Families Apart work involves working alongside multi agency partners to identify those families affected, to highlight the difficulties facing families of offenders and to look to improve integrated way of working to address the needs of these vulnerable families. 

This protocol has been developed in the Royal Borough of Kingston with Kingston local Safeguarding Children's Board (LSCB) to raise awareness of the needs of children, young people and families impacted by a family member being in prison and to promote social inclusion. 


It should be read and implemented, where necessary, by all staff across adult and children's service and is a useful tool to support professionals engaged with families who are impacted by a parent or significant family member in prison. 

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The Families Apart Protocol

Note: April 2015 - this protocol is currently been updated to reflect the new structures now in place in Kingston upon Thames.