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 Families Apart is a project that supports Kingston children and their families who have a parent or significant relative in prison. To meet the criteria families must:

      • Be residents of the Kingston Borough, 
      • Have children who attend Kingston schools or 
      • Be registered with a Kingston GP.

The project is funded by Achieving for Children and managed by Kingston WelCare. In 2009 the borough of Kingston identified the need to support children with a parent or other significant relative in prison following the results from research by leading children's charity Barnardo's (Barnardos: "Every Night I Cry" 2009) which found that there are approximately 200,000 children in England and Wales with a close relative in prison. Research  went on to discover that the life outcomes for children of prisoners are poorer than "Looked after Children".

The project has identified key areas that affect families of prisoners;

    • Telling the children
    • Worried about the children (school, friends etc)
    • Childcare
    • Getting a break
    • Finding out about the prison
    • Worried about the prisoner
    • Visiting the prison, staying in touch
    • preparing for release
    • Coping alone
    • Housing
    • Financial problems
    • Hostility from the community
    • Drugs and effect on family

Families Apart workers work closely with children and their families to identify the areas in which they require support. Families are encouraged to think about what will make a positive difference to their lives and together with "Families Apart" plan ways to achieve this. Reviews of support take place at regular intervals to measure outcomes and ensure that positive differences have been made.

The project is based at WelCare House, Canbury Park Road in Kingston, but sessions may take place in the family home or at school, children centre's etc. Workers can offer intensive or low level support to families at any time during their relative's prison sentence and up to 3 months post release. In addition, the project offers support to professionals in the borough working with the prisoner's families. This may take the form of a one of contact of information provision or longer term consultation.

If you identify a family who would benefit from this project please contact us at or phone  020 8546 3258.