Welcare House (With mosaic)

Opening Hours 

Monday- Thursday 09:30 - 15:00


WelCare House

53-55 Canbury Park Road

Kingston upon Thames

 KT2 6LQ


020 8546 3258


Project Manager: manager@welcarekingston.org.uk

Administrator: admin@welcarekingston.org.uk

Project Development Manager:staffdevelopment@welcarekingston.org.uk

Families Connect: mentalhealthsupport@welcarekingston.org.uk

PlayPlus: playplus@welcarekingston.org.uk

Mums2B: mums2B@welcarekingston.org.uk


Exceutive Committee Chair: tsund@welcarekingston.org.uk


BUSES : Cromwell Road Bus Station ........ 5 minutes walk

TRAINS:  Kingston Station .............. 5 minutes walk

CARS: Meter parking in Canbury Park Rd and surrounding streets

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