Kingston WelCare Executive Committee


Vice Chair

Since 1988

Revd Sandy Cragg: I have been involved with WelCare in a variety of ways. Originally a teacher of French and Italian I am a Priest in the Church of England, serving at All Saints Church in the centre of Kingston and a Counsellor. I count bringing up my three children and helping them with their children as among the most important and life-affirming I have done. I have a long-standing interest in mental health, with a Certificate in Pastoral Care of people with mental health issues from Westminster Pastoral Foundation and a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy with particular emphasis on mental health from Roehampton University.


September 2014

Aruna Jennings: 

I graduated at Kingston University and am a qualified Chartered Surveyor. My professional work was in a legal setting where I helped settle disputes over property value


Being a parent of three young adults, and having been through motherhood with three children under 3yrs old (including twins), I am aware of the acute challenges parents face and their need for ongoing support. I have a particular interest in mental health and have completed a mental health first aid course. Am also a trained Listener on a voluntary basis in the local community. In addition to my role as trustee on the board, I play an active volunteering role at WelCare. I assist parents and their families on Thursdays with a Stay & Play activity and help our families on regular trips in the holidays. I take an interest in what our parents think and feel about themselves and their parenting, and encourage them to voice these and find solutions whilst developing friendships and mutual support from one another.



October 2015

Nicholas Aplas: I am a Chartered Accountant and Kingston resident. I currently run my own consulting practice having previously worked for some leading companies including Arthur Andersen, Old Mutual and Ikos. I am married and have two young children in a local school.

 Co-opted commitee member 

Since 1995


Anne Nicholson: I have been involved with Kingston WelCare for about 20 years, serving as Chair for six of these. After qualifying as a social worker, I worked with children and families in Northumberland, Wandsworth and Kingston, as both a practitioner and manager.

My particular interests were services for the under-fives and family placement. Although not a parent, I have wide knowledge and understanding of the stresses faced by young families. I am also a volunteer Listerner at All Saints Church, Kingston.


July 2011

Rashid Ali Laher is a father, Grand Dad, a retired Public Servant, and a full time Volunteer serving as a Trustee of several local Charities: a Lay Chaplain at Kingston Hospital and University as well as a Hospice. I am an active Inter/Intra Faith advocate and through sustained dialogue try to repair relationships, build bridges, win hearts and minds whilst trying to help and support the growing number of vulnerable people within our community.


February 2015

Tormod Sund: I am a former university lecturer in Anthropology, who now works as a coach and tutor for university and secondary school students. Apart from teaching course content, this involves confidence building, developing organisational skills, and building mental health resilience. I have experience in developing and managing international university collaborations, more specifically in relation to an EU funded Human Rights Master’s Programme. In 2015 -16, I worked with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as a Pro-bono Learning and development consultant contributing to developing their current training and capacity building programs, including e-learning. My connection with WelCare’s values is strong, as I am first and foremost a parent who appreciates the challenges of bringing up children and I have personal experience of dealing with mental health issues.




February 2007

Samia Khan: I have been working for WelCare as an Adviser to its Committee. I am an "ESOL" trained Personal Tutor, teaching Maths and English to mature students and young children locally.

Bringing up a daughter and two sons in Kingston has given me the greatest insight into the challenges of raising a family in this area. I am an advocate for, providing children with secure, compassionate and supportive environments enabling them to flourish. Involvement at WelCare, has made it possible for me, to support local families and share these values.


July 2014

Mary Ward I am a mother and grandmother and was introduced to WelCare in 2011 when I was looking after my grandson. When he started school, I continued supporting WelCare and joined the committee in July 2014. I have 10 years catering experience and 24 years in Childcare. I regularly support WelCare's catering events and family activities.



November 2018

Paul Walton I am a qualified Transformational Coach. I empower people to make dynamic changes in their lives. My qualification is through Animas, which is accredited by the International Federation of Coaches (IFC).

My professional life began in business relationship management and technology. I worked for corporate and not-for-profit organisations in senior strategic and leadership roles prior to becoming a Coach.

I brings to my coaching practice a personal specialism in building trusted relationships with people at all levels, right through to CEO.

Away from the world of business, I have a wide life experience as a partner, friend and parent, and knows first-hand about the power of making change.

I have a passion for helping people to fulfil their potential.