As a result of the Coronavirus, Kingston WelCare's Parents Place Building is closed as of Monday the 23rd of March 2020. We will be offering remote support in groups or for individuals as required.

Parent Place Services ~ Not@WelCare #ParentSupport #NowOnline

The WelCare team are aware that our mission of supporting Kingston Parents will be needed more than ever over the stressful  time ahead, and we will do all we can to ensure our parents have continual access to family friendly information and useful resources. We believe parents are one of the best sources of support for each other and to facilitate this we will be setting up closed' WhatsApp' groups so we can continue to work with you over the months ahead.

Our presence in Kingston has been  and remains a vital building block that has helped many parents develop lifelong supportive friendships. WelCare’s services empower parents. So at this time of national crisis we are asking  all our parents to stay in touch through the Kingston WelCare parent community where you can receive the help you require to hold your family together.

Our support will remain  parent led, and ‘Peer Support’ fundamental to maintaining our good mental health as we move into this period of social isolation.

Please contact our workers if you would like to join one of their online groups.

If you are a local parent new to Kingston WelCare, please fill in the online Registration Form.

If you have any question, please email Marjie at: 



6th October 2020 - World Mental Health Day   MHFA_England.png

Mental Health First Aid England's has launched a new film "Depression and Me" to mark World mental health day. 

Do take a look it's essential watching for everyone:


Depression and Me, shines a light on lived experience of depression and recovery. "Depression and Me" features a conversation between actor Denise Welch and Chloe Davies, Head of PR and Partnerships at myGwork about their individual mental health journeys, how depression impacts them, and what helps in their recovery.   


The GoodGym Visits Kingston WelCare: 

On the 26th of August the goodgum team arrive and gave WelCare House front Driveway a much needed tidy up.  The sad looking untidy and  unwelcoming entrance to Welcare House was tranformed befor our eyes. Sending a Huge Thank you to the good gym team who worked so hard and acheived so much in so little time. Thank-you for a job well executed. Here's a link to their report and I'm sure they would welcome some new members, so why not sign up and do your bit to help your community.                                      

Four of us came out this evening to support the charity Kingston Welcare.

Welcome to Simona and Aziza on your first Goodgym community mission and thanks to Cathy for joining us from Richmond.

According to their website, Kingston WelCare is a charitable organisation for local families to meet, connect and support each other. Families from all backgrounds are welcomed to WelCare. They have a longstanding presence in the local community and provide long-term support for families. 

Marjorie greeted us and tasked us with making the charity’s front entrance look more inviting. Aziza and I started with tackling a stubborn root and pulling it from its pot while Cathy and Simona potted some lovely purple and white flowers for the window ledges to replace the dead ones.

Once the front was freed of weeds and swept clear, we moved along to pull the weeds down the side of the building. It wasn’t long before our list of jobs was completed and we were ready to step back and admire the transformation! Mission accomplished! We look forward to returning soon to help with the planting in the back garden including the living willow.

Report written by Kate MacPherson



Time to Change Kingston

Time to Change Kingston is the second funded hub in London. It is hosted by the Royal Borough of Kingston Council and coordinated by Healthwatch Kingston. Time to Change is a social movement aiming to change the way people think and act about mental health. For more info go to:      




Parent Place Services

Not@WelCare #ParentSupport #NowOnline

Families ConnectFunded by   

Casework support for parents with mental health issues & Crafty Mondays  a peer Support group. 

Sue will be keeping in touch by phone and email with all mums registered for  Families Connect support.

Families Connect have a 'WhatsApp' group providing peer support. Email:    


PlayPlus funded by Children in Need                               

Supporting babies and children in families, affected by Post Natal Depression.

Ingrid will be keeping in touch by Phone and email with all mums registered for PlayPlus support.

PlayPlus will have a 'WhatsApp' group for peer support. Email:



Support for English as a second language, mums to be. 

Email: to join our online community 



1to1 or group me-time support avaliable by request.

to book a mentoring time out session email Sue:



Breast Feeding Support - Are you needing some help, for online support please use the link below:


If you need any help, advice or information please just ask your worker or parent support group.

Do also keep an eye on our Facebook page for useful links and other sources of information.

If you are not a WelCare parent, but would like to join in our activities, please fill in the online Registration Form.


Support Our Work

Our ethos is to create a better local community for all by supporting parents and families. We are a small independent organisation with strong roots in the local community and we are dependent on local recognition and support to maintain our services. WelCare relies on the generosity of people like you to help us to continue the vital work we do. 

We have opportunities for you to volunteer, to raise money through sponsorship, to make a single or regular donation, and to raise free donations through online shopping or to support us if you are a business.

All your support really makes a difference to the WelCare community.       

Click on the links below to see how you can make a donation to support our vital work, or contact the manager at if you would like to discuss a fundrasing idea or develop a business partnership with Kingston WelCare. 


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