30 years at WelCare House,

Happy Birthday to Kingston WelCare.

Come join us and celebrate.




Missed our Birthday celebration!

No worries as our birthday is  just the start of a year long project

entittled    'WelCare Voices'    so you'll be able to join us for more

events throughout the year, leading to our 130+ year, of offering

support to Kingston Families.





 The Parents Place

 WelCare House is a place for local families to meet, connect and support each other.

We care about parents and parenting and WelCare House has a long history of

being a friendly and open place where parents and children can build confidence,

support each other and get advice. We understand the challenges of parenting and

welcome families from all backgrounds to WelCare. Parents value our friendly

personal approach. We have a longstanding presence in the local community that

enables us to provide long-term support for families. 

Click HERE if  YOU are interested in knowing what we can do for you and your family.       


What We Offer


 We have a drop-in service for parents who need advice and support

or just a place to go to connect with others. 

We organise play for families, including during the holidays

 We offer  support to parents experiencing mental health issues 

and have a weekly peer support group. 

 We organise workshops and well-being session to help  parents manage

the stress of daily life.



 New Volunteering Opportunities.                               

 Kingston WelCare is your local charity supporting

 Parents and their children to have fun together and 

 make friends in their community.

  We have opportunities for local parents to support

 our activities,develop new skills and make new friends.

  Volunteering is also a great way for stay at home

 mums and empty nesters to prepare to return to work.

 emailmanager@welcarekingston.org.uk: for more info.



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Support Our Work

Our ethos is to create a better local community for all by supporting parents and families.

We are a small independent organisation with strong roots in the local community and

we are dependent on local recognition and support to maintain our services. WelCare

relies on the generosity of people like you to help us to continue the vital work we do.

We have opportunities for you to volunteer, to raise money through sponsorship or

by regular giving or to support us if you are a business. Your support really makes a

difference to the community. 


Click to see how YOU can make a difference.




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